Terms and Conditions


Last modified: 2021-01-05

What data is collected when you use Routes?

It is important to us that you understand what data Routes collects and what purpose it serves.

a) When downloading the mobile app, you transfer the required information via Google Play Store by yourself. In particular username, e-mail address and customer number of your account, time of download, payment information and the individual device code. We do not have any influence on this data collection and are not responsible for it.

b) At the beginning of the use of Routes, we ask you in a pop-up for permission to use the storage of your mobile phone. If you do not grant this permission, we do not use this data. You may not be able to use all features of our app in this case. You can grant or revoke the permission later in the settings of the app or operating system. If you allow access to these data, Routes will only access your data and transfer them to our server as necessary to provide the functionality.
HINT: Routes needs this permission to be able to save your recordings on your phone, open gpx|kml files and/or import offline maps. The corresponding Android permission for this is ‘access photo, Media and files’ and is unfortunately not more fine-granularly adjustable. There is only this one permission in Android to get access to files on a phone. It is not possible to restrict this further. Unfortunately all apps have to do this so. 

c) Collection of your location data. Our offer includes so-called location based services, with which we offer you special offers that are tailored to your particular location. You can only use these functions after you have agreed via a pop-up that we can collect your location data by means of GPS and network and your IP address in anonymous form for the purpose of providing services. You can always allow or revoke the feature in the settings of the app or operating system. We only use your location data for the provision of services and quality assurance of the app Routes.

d) We use the standard development platform Firebase, which has been established in the Android environment. Without this support the development of an app in the complex environment of Android versions and devices is not possible. It enables us to test our app in different aspects, to detect errors and inappropriate behavior, to observe the rollout and the use of the different app versions and to carry out configurations across versions. In particular the following services help us to provide you a good quality: Test Lab, Crashlytics, Performance, Events, In-App Messaging and Remote Config.

By using Firebase, some data is collected by default via Analytics. You can find out what data is collected by reading the documentation of Firebase. You can disagree with the collection of this data in the settings of Routes by turning it off or on as you wish (This is possible from version 2.0.7 and higher).

e) Routes itself does not ask you for additional personal data. Routes itself only collects data that is used to improve our services. Data collected will not be stored for the long term and will never be passed on to other interested parties.

Use, reuse and distribution of Routes

This app is provided as a free service. You may use Routes only for private purposes and not for commercial, illegal, immoral or otherwise unauthorized purposes. The reuse, adaptation and distribution by someone else besides the publisher is not permitted and is expressly prohibited. This also applies to the code base of this app. Both, app and code, may not be changed, used for other purposes and / or be published without the consent of the editor. For the use of Routes, an Internet connection is a great advantage. This connection is made exclusively at your expense and all associated costs (eg, mobile data costs) incurred through the use of Routes are your sole responsibility.


Routes is expressly not a navigation app, but merely serves as orientation along existing and previously recorded routes (especially from foreign sources, which Routes could not have previously checked in terms of content). Routes expressly points out that you can not rely solely on hints from this app, but on your own responsibility act. Question at any time every information from the app and make your own decisions. Make sure you move safely through your surroundings. You are 100% responsible for your actions and your safety and you use Routes at your own responsibility and risk! This app may not be used while driving a vehicle and is particularly not suitable for road traffic. Routes takes no responsibility and no liability for any occurring mishaps and damages. In addition, you must always be careful and move according to the surrounding conditions and strictly comply with all applicable traffic rules.

We hereby point out that our product is subject to constant further development. If this results in changes to these declarations, we will maintain them on these pages.