Preview of changes in version 2.8.2 (Coming soon)

  • Android 12 Support
  • Choice between imperial and metric system of units

Preview of changes in version 2.8.1 (Coming soon)

  • Uniform display of travel data (Navigation & Recorder)
  • Turn around a loaded route during navigation now also possible in pause mode

Essential changes in version 2.8.0

  • Modernised UI elements
  • Multiple GPX tracks and KML multi-track segments visualised
  • Standardised import of KML and GPX files (OSMBonusPack & Ticofab Parser)
  • Picture-in-picture mode disabled by default because unwanted side effects are detected on many phones
  • 3 new route line colours for better contrast (turquoise, pink and yellow)
  • A location marked on the map can now be shared
  • New overview: One place for your recordings insinde ‘Routes’
  • All recordings are automatically saved after stopping a navigation or recording in ‘Your recordings’

Essential changes in version 2.7.x

  • No automatic stopping of the navigation anymore when arriving at the destination
  • OSM maps – Rotation behaviour adjusted (rotation lock less sensitive)
  • Similar pause function for recording and navigation

Essential changes in version 2.6.xTranslate

  • Adding single individual waypoints (POI) as well as sets from gpx|kml files
  • Elevation chart no longer collapses automatically (beta testing)
  • Turning instructions made configurable
  • Update of the Elevate themes to version 4.5.0
  • GPS sampling rate made configurable
  • ┬áStop Action in Notification removed
  • Compatibility of the gpx files with Garmin BaseCamp established
  • More space for map display through new UI at the top of the app

  • New UI Elements like ‘current location button’, ‘scale bar’, ‘compass’ and new ‘zoom control slider’. See: User Manual
  • App bar eliminated and new menu positioned top right
  • Transparent status bar
  • Adjustments for Android 11
  • Turning instructions and compass switched on by default
  • An info symbol in the lower bottom sheet now indicates that there are statistics for the loaded route.
  • Restrictions for tablets removed
  • Update Offline Renderthemes Elevate/Elements to v4.4.5

Essential changes in version 2.5.x

  • Online Map CyclOSM added
  • Unlock slider to pause navigation or recording added

  • Calculation of the altitude metres optimised
  • Re-center button enlarged and modernised
  • Display and behaviour of the charts modernised
  • Turning instructions button now clickable to point out wrong instructions
  • ‘GPS is missing’ now clickable and checks possible causes
  • Altitude marker in chart remains centred when chart is zoomed
  • Saves now the raw data of the navigation history next to the gpx file in the local app folder
  • Splash Screen design modernised
  • Second turn indication introduced “Turn now…”
  • Displaying a compass during navigation

Essential changes in version 2.4.x

  • Offline map settings reorganised
  • Offline map handling improved by better linking to the offline files.

Essential changes in version 2.3.x

  • Turning instructions with voice output added
  • If the route has been left, breadcrumbs now show the real way travelled
  • Online Map Hike and Bike added
  • Route statistics are now visible in a separate display
  • Separate request of permissions to location and memory access after installation for better understanding
  • Menu icons have a new design

Essential changes in version 2.2.x

  • Offline Map Type Elements Ski added
  • Online Map OpenTopoMap added
  • Dark mode introduced
  • Rekorder now collects breadcrumbs to show the real way travelled
  • Altitude calculation and display improved
  • Position marker has been given a minimal border for better visibility

Essential changes in version 2.1.x

  • Offline Maps added
  • Bottom sheet and top menu fade out during navigation or recording
  • Alert interval reduced
  • Navigation icon exchanged
  • Calculation of the AUTO value for alarm tolerance optimised in the setting
  • Catalan language introduced

Essential changes in version 2.0.x

  • Preparations for offline maps
  • Camera zoom behaviour (animation) adapted for waypoints
  • Notes on Android battery optimisation settings added
  • Optimised reading of gpx and kml files
  • Firebase user opt-out of analytics added
  • Design and behaviour of the re-center button updated
  • Quality criteria for location updates improved
  • Colours and texts reworked
  • Announcement to Offline Maps added
  • Routes feedback dialogue added to menu
  • E-Mail sending corrected