Turn by Turn Instructions


Routes analyses the gpx / kml file you loaded and trys to find turns and relevant changes of direction to give you suitable hints during navigation. We highlight turns that our algorithm has found with a round yellow marker. Our detection is based only on information from the loaded gpx or kml file, so we cannot detect all intersections and transitions to other roads. We do not perform an online comparison with the road network or map material (such as e.g. Google Maps or Tom Tom). Reasons for this are:

  • Routes is designed for navigation on paths that are off the road network. Possibly also for places where there are no roads and paths at all.
  • Routes basically works offline, therefore we do not use cloud services for route analysis.

Please make sure that this feature is switched on in the settings:


In the following example you can see from the yellow flag that Routes has detected a turn. If you are on the route and come close to this turning instruction, Routes will display a direction arrow at the bottom of the map and the voice assistant will tell you the direction. As long as the turning instructions are enabled in the settings, the segment of the route you are currently moving on will be highlighted in yellow.
If the reference sometimes should not be correct, you can ‘click’ on the button with the turning instruction.



The following figure shows 2 situations where Routes cannot detect a turning instruction.

  • One situation (yellow circle) indicates a change in direction of the route, but this change is too little to be interpreted as a turn. It is not possible to specify whether the route only contains certain curves or whether there is actually a turn.
  • The other situation (blue circle) shows a turn-off where the route is on the left. Since there is no information about this junction in the gpx/kml file, Routes cannot give any hint about the route to the left at this point.

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