Android Battery Optmization & Custom Power Management


Basically there are two Android settings on your phone that can interrupt/stop navigation and recording with Routes. In this article we will show you which ones they are and how to set up your phone so that Routes works without problems.

WATCH SETUP VIDEO (e.g. on Huawei P20)

In case you’re not familiar, battery optimization is a function (known as Doze) built into Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. It preserves battery life by limiting what apps can do in the background. However, exactly this setting can interrupt/stop a running navigation or recording. Therefore define an exception for routes and ensure, that battery optimization is switched off for the app Routes.

  • Go to the Settings of Routes
  • Select Battery Optimization
  • Select All Apps
  • Find Routes and
  • Change value to Don’t optimize

NOTE: If this setting is already set correctly, this item is disabled in the settings of Routes.

Go to the Settings of Routes and select Battery Optimization
Go to the Settings of Routes and select Battery Optimization
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Some mobile phone providers (e.g. Samsung, ASUS, HTC,…), in particular, Huawei implement “non android standard restrictions” on background processes to improve the battery life of its devices (power management). Also visit
This means that Huawei very restrictively kills all background processes after a certain time. This results in a running navigation with routes being stopped after a short time if the screen is not turned on (the app is not in the foreground).
UPDATE: On some phones with EMUI 9+ (Android P+) Huawei introduced a new task killer app called PowerGenie which kills everything not whitelisted by Huawei and does not give users any configuration options. 🙁

Because of this, please ensure, that ‘run in background’ is switched on for the app Routes:

  • Go to the Settings of Routes
  • Select Custom Power Management
  • Find Routes and
  • Change value to Manage manually
    • It is important, that you allow Routes to Run in background

NOTE: If you search for this setting independently in the settings of your phone, then please note that battery settings may be found on different menu options on your specific phone model. Also visit

Find 'Routes'
Find 'Routes'
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