User Manual



It is very important that you set up your mobile phone correctly so that routes can work properly. Especially the battery settings are often a reason why a navigation or recording doesn’t work correctly. This video will help you to make the right settings. For details visit ‘Power Management‘.


Whether you’re planning a new route (for example with MyMaps – or using a ready-made route (e.g. from, Routes will guide you on your tour.


On your Android phone, you can open gpx or kml files in different ways:

  • Open within Routes: With the red file button you can open the file browser installed on your mobile phone, navigate to its location (e.g. Downloads) and mark the route to load.
  • Open from outside of Routes: You can also directly go to your file browser, installed on your Android phone, and select the downloaded GPX or KML file. Routes detects the file type, opens and loads the selected route. It may be that you have several apps installed on your phone, then you will be prompted to choose Routes to open the selected file.

NOTE: If you keep this button pressed (long press button), you can enter coordinates (latitude / longitude) instead of loading a route. Alternatively, you can simply hold down a point on the map (long press on map) to select a waypoint you want to navigate to.


If a route from a GPX or KML file is loaded and displayed on the map, you can use the blue navigation button to start guiding the route (simple click).

  • The route starts when you are near the start coordinate or Routes detect that you are already on the track.

Alternatively, you can use the blue navigation-button to start a simulation of the route first (long press). The simulation helps you to orient yourself along the loaded route, get information and plan your route well. Over 3 modes you can control speed and map zoom. Furthermore, you can freely choose the position within the route. If you have an internet connection, all required map tiles are saved during the simulation and are then available offline.


The my position button recenters the map to your current location. It is coloured grey when the map is already centred, it turns blue when you operate the map with gestures.

The record button starts recording your movement. After you press the Stop button, the recorded route will be saved as a GPX file. Alternatively you can share it with other apps. This button is only visible after starting Routes. So if it’s not visible, close Routes once and restart.

The reverse button reverses the direction of the loaded route. Start and destination are twisted so that you can navigate a route in the opposite direction.

The mute button allows you to mute the alarm for about 10 minutes after simply pressing it. If you press the button again, the alarm is permanently muted.

The navigation mode button has 3 states. Walk, bike and plane change the zoom factor of the map accordingly.